Leaving Home

and creating new memories in Oriental, NC

A sense of anticipation and a little anxiety filled our minds and hearts as we were preparing to move into a new life and a new place. After two years of much thought, it still seemed just that, a thought! With daily prayer which began to feel unanswered, suddenly the flood gate opened and events began to take place quite swiftly. The sale of the great old house, the clearing of “stuff” and memories, the bidding “goodbye, come visit us” to dear friends, neighbors and family.

Our intended destination of my husband’s homeland, and my hearts desire to return to, Hawaii, did not seem to be opening as quickly as our life at home was closing. We were in constant prayer…and real estate searching, yet to no satisfactory avail. The cord that struck most deeply, that over the past 5 years since our reuniting and marraige, was seeing my husband go into a winter funk…(cabin fever) as we call it in the north. Understandable after a life of sun and surf! Many times remarking how he misses the salt air and sunshine.

We began to search the South East coast. At least it would be the salt air and water he is missing so. And…time was ticking away quickly! We looked from Florida to Virginia at beach houses and apartments. In the midst of the beach houses a village called Oriental popped up, and one…just one rental. As we looked at the map, and photos of the house and area, we felt a great peace in our spirit. We called the realtor and…YES, we could rent right away!

We arrived in mid September 2016. It was even more delightful and charming than we had imagined. Oriental North Carolina (ONC as it is known here) is our home now. A perfect place! It is dream like, and as we tell our northern friends, like someplace you only see in a movie!

God certainly changed our destination! We have it all! Wonderful new friends, great fishing, surrounded by lakes and creeks, sailing yachts, fresh shrimp right off the local trawlers, the Ocean only a ferry ride away, the best sunrises and sunsets anywhere, and peace! Make Oriental a destination! Create your own memories and your own story!

This article is brought to you by Tammy Shackle Hori. Tammy loves Jesus, her husband, capturing beautiful sunrises & sunsests, sewing, playing music, studying history & politics and cooking.