Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Give your business & our town a web presence that’s as informative as it is beautiful. Tourism is an effective means for economic growth in regions with an abundance of natural & cultural resources. This is especially true in regions like ours that lack the infrastructure required for large scale commercial, industrial and technological investments.

Small non-industrialized towns posses an inherent charm due in part to the lack of the aforementioned commercial investments. Creating an environment that doesn’t mesh with the current cultural fabric is a valid concern when approaching any economic expansion opportunity. Turning Oriental into the next Myrtle Beach, Detroit or Silicon Valley is a bad idea.

It’s 2017 and word of mouth is just as important now as it was in 1960. Most of us want to do business with people we know or that have been recommended by people we trust. The difference in 2017 is that word of mouth has extended from the physical domain into the digital one. Word of mouth now comes from blog posts shared on a website, a review left on Yelp!, a comment from Facebook or a text message on a smartphone.

We believe that creating a network of partnering sponsors who are willing to invest in an improved online experience for anyone interested in learning more about Oriental will benefit the town, the county, the visitor but most importantly the businesses owners who operate here. We also believe that the world wide web is the most cost effective means of reaching the right audience.

The right audience will approach Oriental the same way we do. We want to improve the experience, not change it. Here’s some examples from client projects that will illustrate what we mean.

The Toucan Grill & Fresh Bar

The Oriental Marina & Inn

Forrest Farm Supply

The Inland Waterway Provision Company

After having looked at these examples you can see that each site has come away with a cleaner, simpler introduction to the viewer. A glance at each site will show you what they offer without having to read more than a handful of words. A strong visual appeal entices the user to enter the site and learn more. We think extending that logic to an area makes sense too. Users that see beautiful content are naturally going to be more inclined to learn more. Our objective is to convert the user that want to learn more into the one that wants to experience what they’ve seen.

Now consider your local knowledge. If you walk into any of the businesses above will your personal experience be different now than it was before? Probably not and we think that’s a good thing because all of these companies have great reputations for outstanding customer service. An improved online experience isn’t going to change that but it can enhance it.

We promise this will be the most you’ll ever have to read at one time from us but we want our potential investors to fully understand where we’re coming from. If you’re still with us let’s get down to specifics. How does this enhance Oriental without compromising it?

Quality In = Quality Out. We’ve been working with the Croaker Festival to improve their website, moving the sales online and keeping an open line of communication with their customers via Facebook, email and sometimes telephone. On several occasions we’ve been asked, mostly from our Raleigh patrons,  “Will you be having any food trucks this year?” Followed by, “We just don’t like carnival food…” In Raleigh, food truck is synonymous with high quality craft foods ranging from BBQ to Mongolian and everything in between.

We don’t want to get rid of carnival food because fried Oreos are heaven on earth and we know we aren’t alone in that belief. But people who like food trucks also like craft beer, organic food, boutique hotels, guided fishing trips, guided hunting trips and they don’t mind paying for them. This group values high quality products. A website is likely to be the first place someone will learn about Oriental. We believe the perception of a high quality experience should start at the beginning and be maintained until the very end.

Many rural communities have lost significant economic drivers. Be it coal mining, manufacturing, or commercial fishing, these communities are now turning to tech based solutions. This generations blue collar worker won’t work on an assembly line. Nor will they work in RTP writing custom applications for international finance companies. This generations blue collar worker will be the web developer who can login to a client’s website, maintain the codebase and update the images and content to preserve a fresh and dynamic experience for the tens of thousands of people visiting the site each month. Creating and maintaining a high quality online experience will convert an ever increasing percentage of those web visitors into village visitors. They’ll be greeted by a high quality experience at their hotel, their restaurant and by their fishing guide. They’ll leave having felt like they got more than their money’s worth. They’ll go home, tell a friend or leave a review online or write a blog post and eventually they’ll come back. Hopefully this time with one or two more friends.

We believe in our product. We believe that it will provide an improved experience for the people that use it and to the businesses and organizations that invest in it. We believe this marks the beginning of a new era for this and many other poor, rural economies who are stymied trying to figure how to grow their economic base on a shoe string budget. We believe in free & open source technologies like the one that built this site, WordPress, are the best way to empower the residents of these communities who need a path to economic independence.

If you’re still with us, thank you. All we ask for at this point is to keep an open mind and provide honest feedback. If you don’t think this model will ever help your business or our community we’d like to know. If you think it can but fail to see how it gets implemented, we’d like to know. If you’re ready to start signing checks we’d definitely like to know! In all seriousness, if our products don’t add value to your business and our town then we need to go back to the drawing board with a fresh perspective.

We appreciate you reading our mission and by we I mean I, William Hughes Conkwright, appreciates you reading my mission. The squaring of the circle is an ancient mathematical problem that’s impossible to solve because Pi isn’t a rational number (it has no square root). The circle can be squared only when Pi is approximated, 22/7 is the popular approximation. I named my company Circle Squared because I believe anything is possible when you’re willing to find innovative ways to create your own solutions.

Information and pricing about these solutions can be found in the tabs above. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Will Conkwright

April 9, 2017


(336) 541-3038


To start we will offer a free base package, 3 tiers of paid products, and a la carte featured event pricing. All prices are per month and must be paid by automated methods such as PayPal. You can make payments monthly, quarterly or annually. You can pay for one month at a time. We understand seasonality. If promoting your business year round doesn’t make sense, don’t do it!

Base = Free

Tier I = $10

Tier II = $30

Tier III = $75

Base = Free

Most modern web users are going to find you first on a mobile device. The example content below is the way your listing will look on an iPhone 6+ or similarly sized screen.

The only thing required for getting listed with visitonc.com is to register as a user with a valid email address. In exchange we will add your business information to a map marker on the featured listing map. Tapping on “Give Us A Call” from a mobile phone will call the number you provided. Tapping “Learn More” will take the user to your business listing page on the visitonc.com website and tapping “E-Mail Us” will open the users default email client and create a new email message ready to be sent to the address you provided.

Your free account will not display any information on the individual listing page. This is the area you can expand into as your budget and needs allow.

Featured Location Map Listing

Featured Location Page

Tier I = $10/month

The best stories are told with pictures. At the Tier I level you’ll retain all the benefits from the base level and also be able to add a featured image to your listing. This image will show up in the map marker info window and at the top of your business listing page. You’ll also be able to add a short bio about who you are and what you do, a greeting of sorts when a user arrives to your page.

Featured Location Map Listing

Featured Location Page

Tier II = $30/month

Even though your map listing hasn’t changed we think the Tier II level really bumps up the benefits. Why? Because we use the Facebook API (Application Programming Interface) to embed a customer review on your business listing page. People want to do business with people they know or trust. Customer reviews go a long way in establishing that trust. Don’t have a customer review? Now you have an excellent reason to go get one! We’ll also embed your Facebook business page which will allow visitors to follow your account by clicking the like button. They can also send you a message and see any events you’ve created.

A Tier II Listing also adds a custom SEO description. This shows the most relevant info about your business when potential customers are searching for you. It also adds a distinct level of professionalism to shared content, demonstrating your business understands social media marketing.

At the Tier II level your business will be featured on the page relevant to what you do. So if you’re a retail store, visitors can see your listing by selecting the main menu item “Explore” and the subitem “Where To Shop”. We want your establishment to look the best that it can so we’ll come to your business and take one professional photograph of the exterior for use with your featured listing. We’ll also add a link to the image and to the title that will take the user to your featured listing page.

Featured Location Map Listing

Featured Location Page

Customer Review

Customer review embedded on your business listing page.

Your FB Business Page

Your FB Business Page embedded on your featured listing page.

Retail Example

Accessed from main menu item “Where To Shop”

Your Listing Content

Accessed from the main menu

As seen on a laptop sized screen

Tier III = $75/month

We created Tier III specifically for the business that wants a high quality web presence but isn’t quite ready to make the financial commitment. But wait, we thought Circle Squared built high quality websites for $60/month? We do, but they require annual lump payments of $720 and a minimum 5 year hosting commitment to lock in that rate.

The biggest difference though is it’s up to YOU to promote your individual website. It’s up to US to promote visitonc.com in new and creative ways that will drive traffic to the site, to your listing and eventually into your location. We like this arrangement because we have incentive to make your web presence shine! It also gives you the opportunity to share high quality content on social media.

You might be thinking, wait a second… aren’t you just trying to get us to buy a website or Google Business View from you? Of course we are! We’re a web development and photography company, it’s what we do! But the last thing we want to do is sell you a product you don’t need. If you try the Tier III package on for size and it doesn’t fit then a website probably wouldn’t have fit either.

Additionally your location will be front and center at all the key locations on the site. When a user clicks on the home page button “Discover The Best of Oriental” they’ll be taken to a page that displays all the featured listings. When a user selects “The Best” menu item they’ll be directed either to a page with all the featured listings, or they can select based on category such as “Best Food”, “Best Shopping”, etc.

If your business posts events on Facebook this will be an attractive option. Any events you post to your Facebook page will be given “featured” status. We’ve created a special page just to display featured events that will be easily accessed from the “The Best” menu item under “Activities”. In the general events calendar the featured events will be included with non featured ones but they will be highlighted in the calendar view and moved to the top of any list views making sure they stand out.

Oh but there’s more! Featured listings at this level also get a custom map marker that really stands out from the rest. Your business information is also prioritized on the map sidebar.

Every page on the site that isn’t a full page map or calendar has a sidebar. At the top of that sidebar are links to all the “Best Of Oriental” featured listings broken down by category. The site is designed to highlight the Tier III customers at every available opportunity.

Our current web clients might still be scratching their heads, but… why am I going to consider paying you another $75/month in addition to the $60 I’m already paying for my site? An excellent question and it boils down to one thing… promotion. If we aren’t growing our web traffic then we aren’t increasing your exposure opportunities. Our job is to create, curate and promote high quality content relevant to Oriental that will drive traffic to the site and people into the community.

Featured Location Map Listing

Featured Location Page

Featured Location Page

Featured Location Page

Featured Location Page

Featured Location Page

Easy Access

Featured Listings under “Best Of” at the top of the sidebar on the blog page.

Featured Events Calendar

Individual Products

  • Featured Event
    $2 per day
    Let us promote your event on the VisitONC.com events calendar. We will guide you through the process of creating an event on Facebook and prominently display it on the calendar and through out the site. This doesn’t require any other commitment and it’s up to you how long you run the promotion.
  • Sponsor Logo
    If you believe in what we’re doing and want to show your support don’t need our products this is the option for you. Add your businesses logo to the bottom of our home page and we’ll provide a link back to your website. High quality inbound links are a critical component for improving your search rankings. If you’d like to learn more about the value of inbound links read this article we wrote.