Cyclist wearing helmet in car giving the thumbs up.


The 6th Annual Chuck FONDEAUX! Cycling Epic is going down in O’Town December 2, 2018 at 0830. This year we have 4 routes mapped for your convenience, the full 103 miler plus
70, 50, and 20 mile options. We will be riding the routes in a clockwise direction and will be stopping for lunch at Squidders Supply Store in downtown Vandemere and will replenish lost liquids at the Toucan Grill.
All routes are UNSUPPORTED.
From The Bean in beautiful Downtown Oriental, NC this 103-mile route will take riders through the bucolic dales of Pamlico, Craven, and Beaufort Counties. Riders will almost certainly be greeted by stout headwinds coming and going.
Highlights along the route include the seemingly endless 8.9 mile stretch of Sweet Walker Rd., the 6% grade over the Intracoastal Waterway Bridge in Hobucken, and long stretches of the silkiest, smoothest, and fastest fresh asphalt you’ve ever laid rubber against as you rip down Straight Road.
Wise riders will meter their efforts accordingly at each of the Official Chuck FONDEAUX! Strava Segments, making sure to save some juice for the high speed lead out through the Oriental township en route to an all out blast for the Finish Line at the top of the ONC bridge.